December 27, 2017 app
Olga Norget interview with Adam J.C. Norget – December 27, 2017

An autobiographical reflection on the life and unique experiences of Olga Norget.

December 3, 2017
My Grandma’s Story

My grandma, Alexandra Olenina, is 63 years old and currently lives in Ukraine. She come to America to visit her daughter and her grandchildren (me and my sisters). In this interview she talks about her life growing up, with a...

November 28, 2017 app
Jessica Barenbaum interviews her mother, Polina Barenbaum

Jessica Barenbaum sits down to interview her mother, Polina Barenbaum in Manalapan, New Jersey. Polina talks about her childhood and growing up in Brooklyn and the difficulties she faced immigrating to the United States at a young age. She also...

November 27, 2017 app
A Journey for a better life

Me and my mom were talking about her childhood. How she lived through the tough years of the the Soviet Union . Also about our childhood stories . But the most important thing we talked about was about her application...

November 23, 2017 app
Great American Listen With Isaiah Jewell and Marvin Ahboltin

Marvin talks about his ancestry, their immigration to America, and his experiences in the U.S. Air Force.

August 30, 2017
"…everybody in both of the Towers had to have died…"

An interview of my mother, Julie Kaminsky, who was in Ukraine during 9/11, and her unique experience, only seeing the attacks on TV hours later, with all the announcers only speaking Russian, a language that she does not speak, so...

June 8, 2017
A story about my dad’s family during World War 2.

My dad’s relatives suffered a lot during the Second World War. My mom told me that my great grandparents had to hide in the basement because Germans established headquarters in their house. Also, she told me about the conflicts between...