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March 15, 2019
Usual freshman year mistakes and tips to prevent them

Every student has felt enthusiastic and all geared up to join college. It is undoubtedly the best time of life and is a lot of fun yet intriguing. Although you might be excited and eager to be part of one...

Life in Wales

I talk to my grandma about growing up in Wales and her life and also about the adoption of my mother.

My Nana

I sit down with my grandmother and talk about some of the things she learned while growing up

June 23, 2018
How To: Manage Your Time Effectively

A skill which each individual would love to possess would be the ability to manage their time adequately. However, in this fast-paced and technology-laden lifestyle, it becomes relatively difficult or rather impossible to get a hold of your time. Time...

Great thanksgiving listen

A discussion with my mum covering an array of topics. We discussed her childhood, grandparents, immigrating from the United Kingdom and her career and devotion to midwifery.

Oral Comm with Dad

Talking about my dad’s relationship with his brother growing up

July 21, 2017
Friendship of Evelyn Ochs and Junko Kline.

Evelyn Loven Ochs talks about her long friendship with Junko Itosi Kline. Evelyn and Junko “met” as pen pals after World War II. Junko is a native of Japan, but has lived many years now in the United Kingdom. Evelyn...

My little buddy and I

This interview is private.