Gauging Your Access Control Options for Better Security

Gauging Your Access Control Options for Better Security In the realm of expanding dangers, guarding your office and staff is a basic issue. Fortunately, propels in innovation have made business access control frameworks and alternatives adaptable, versatile, and reasonable.  ...

Interview with Vidya and Vishal Bansal 10/18/20

We talked about the challenge of immigration, the adventure that is college, and the constant that is change.

Missing Maura Murray, how a father remembers his youngest daughter years after her mysterious disappearance.

Julie Murray sits down with her father, Fred Murray, to discuss his youngest daughter, Maura Murray, who mysteriously disappeared without a trace in 2004. This is the first time Julie has interviewed Fred publicly. The mysterious circumstances surrounding Maura’s disappearance...

Protest of Activism

The protest of activism give a lot of reasons that people come to againt the government policies, and it shows the right thing to be for U.S citizens.

How has Internet changed our lives?

We talked about how internet plays an important role in our daily lives. Some of the main topics that we discussed were What was life like before internet?, blogging, social networking, social media, how apps are a big part of...


This is Connie Lau's experience of recently moving to the United States.