August 15, 2018 app
Family Interview Assignment

In this interview, my mom, Concepción Tavarez, talked about our family, our values, and our place in American society. She further explained why she feels like the United States political system does not help minority families, but does help those...

August 15, 2018 app
Family Interview

We talked about her points of view of good values and also talked about the beliefs she has on respect.

Liberata’s journey, and her experience in the U.S.

Liberata Ntahundu, a native Rwandanize who fled from her country due to a war that started in 1990 in Rwanda. She escaped Rwanda with her two children and her husband to find shelter in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which...

August 14, 2018 app
Me and my mom interview

A brief summary of me and my mom talking about herself, family, and today society politics. Sorry about the background of hearing my brother playing fortnite.

June 6, 2018
John Interview with Nana

Bertha is John’s grandmother and in this interview she tells her life story from her life living on a farm during the Great Depression to her experiences during World War 2 as well as other major events that occurred during...

June 6, 2018
John Interview with Grandfather

My grandfather grew up during the Great Depression and is of Greek heritage. In this he tells me how family history, where he grew up, what it was like during the Great Depression, the occupation of Germany, and many other...