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Caden Bedford (20) explains growing up as a heterosexual african american man

Daphne and Alina's conversation on how to adjust to college life.

Daphne Xu (19) talks with her classmates, Alina Zhang(19) about their imagination about their college life and some experience and suggestion on domitory life.

interviewing a college student

in this interview I got the chance to see a what a college student point of view was towards what he thought race and ethnicity is in this society and how there are some ways to fix those conflicts.

"It was a culture shock when I came to America"

Shauw Chin Capps (48) talks with her daughter, Lydia Capps (16) about her experience when she immigrated from Singapore to the United States for college.

Joy Martin, Luke Martin, Camren Martin, Mason Martin, and Mike Martin

Spouses Joy Martin (39), Mike Martin (41), and their sons Camren Martin (12), Luke Martin (9), and Mason Martin (5) talk about memories of their mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, who died due to cancer.

Interview on the broadcasting course

My course mate, Kua Huey Sin, had interviewed me about the course that we are studying, which is Broadcasting.