StoryCorps Connect Judy Rees Jun 16 2020

Hear nature lover Judy Rees share her thoughts on the pandemic, family, and life.

Katherine Rockwell and Letti Rockwell Interview

Letti Rockwell (44) talks with her daughter Katherine Rockwell about being a nurse in the time of Covid-19 and how that has affected her job, home life, and social life.

Nele Kaufusi and 'Ainu Kaufusi

I am interviewing 'Ainu Kaufusi (19) who is a student at the University of Utah and her experiences as a college student during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Elaina D’Agostini Interviews her grandfather, Edwin Twitchell on April 29, 2020

Elaina D'Agostini: 2020-04-30 01:12:44. Elaina and Edwin talk about his childhood, his parents, and his grandparents.

Kids had More Fun in the 70s

I talk to my dad Dan Murray about growing up, how times have changed, obstacles he has faced in his life, and more. Concurrent English 1010 East High School

The Crazy Old Lady That Raised Me

Today I talked with my grandma; she is currently 59 years old. We talked about how she had a rough childhood with an alcoholic father and mother who didn't show any compassion or love. Her grandparents owned a farm where...

Nino Reyos and Antonio De La Fuente

In this interview, conducted in January 11, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Antonio De La Fuente interviews a friend of the family’s, Nino Reyos about his life, to have an understanding of what he’s done and of his cultural...