Thanksgiving Listen Official

Talked with my mom about her memories, jobs, and challenges faced during her life all while she was baking.


We discussed her past expierences and present opinions.

Nathan and Margaret Thanksgiving interview

In this Thanksgiving interview, me and my grandma Margaret talked about what it means to be part of a family and to know others. #Greatlisten2018

Julia Muscar and her grandpa, Ron Swenson, talk about his life and experiences over the years.

In this interview, conducted on November 22 2018 in Occoquan Virginia, Julia Muscar (16) interviews her grandpa (73) about his childhood and life experiences. He discusses his life and what it was like growing up in Kansas, going into the...

Uncle Johnnie

I interviewed my uncle Johnnie on Sunday, November 18th 2018. I asked him about his growing up and his adulthood.

Revolution and War: Iranian Experience

Inteview with Omid Ordoubadi and his grandparents, Saeed and Heidi Ordoubadi. Discussed Iranian Revolution, War and the effects on their family.

Casey and Samantha

We talked about the differences regarding living in two different areas (VA and PA). We also talked about family life.

Interview with Eric

Eric Peterson speaks on growing up in Norfolk, VA, his family life, and his love for learning.