Addie Tarrant and her grandfather, Wes Allbritton discuss his early life and military experience

Addie Tarrant (17) interviews her grandfather Wes Allbritton (75) about his childhood, experiences in the Vietnam War, and early adulthood.

Hien Bui (15) interviewing her mom (Hong Nguyen, 46) on thanksgiving about how her childhood was like and growing up in Vung Tau, Vietnam.
November 25, 2023 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2023 in Tucson, Arizona, Hien Bui (15) interviews her mom Hong Nguyen (46) about her childhood and growing up in Vung Tau. Her mom shared stories while growing up, talking about what she played...

Troy Carey and his grandmother Mary Carey (Tu Trinh) talk about her life.

In this interview, conducted on November 23, 2023 in Napa, California, Troy Carey (14) interviews his grandmother Mary Carey (82) about her life. Mary grew up in Vietnam during World War II and was called Tu Trinh. She moved to...

Curt Weaver, Vietnam vet, and his experience in the Navy.

Curtis Weaver, a 77 year old E5 Vietnam Veteran, discusses his time in the Navy from 1965-1972. Notably, he assisted in salvage after the USS Frank E. Evans collision. Interview includes personal anecdotes, comments, and descriptions of his life and...

Anh Nguyen and Deborah Ayers

One Small Step conversation partners Anh Nguyen (45) and Deborah Ayers (57) exchange life experiences, covering topics such as dreams, genealogy, and education.

Frances Stewart and Herbert Loveless

One Small Step partners Frances Stewart (79) and Herbert "Herb" Loveless (68) have a conversation about their political upbringings, advice to their younger selves, and their views and experiences around the Vietnam War.

Hurl Taylor and Leanora Mims

Dr. Hurl Taylor (85) speaks with mentee Leanora Mims (63) about his experience as a Vietnam veteran. They discuss Dr. Taylor's time in the Green Berets, his life and work post military, and how he has supported Leanora's own endeavors.