Jaime Van Kirk and Grace Morse

One Small Step participants Jaime Van Kirk (44) and Grace Morse (55) discuss their upbringing and their families, how their children's political views are different than their own, and the importance of building community.

Lesley Wheeler and Edward Hall

Edward Hall (59) talks with his friend Lesley Wheeler (53) about her new novel, her writing, and the uncanny in life.

Holly Sargeant and Susan Wells Sargeant

Holly Sargeant: 2021-04-17 18:17:22 On April 17th, 20201, Holly interviews her mother, Sue, for her 67th birthday. Sue talks about her favorite childhood memories on her grandparent's farm in Iowa, her Uncle Hal as one of the biggest influences in...

Hygd Hardin and Michael Grow
October 21, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Hydg Hardin (73) and Michael "Mike" Grow (76) discuss their lives and beliefs, as well formative experiences in college, travels, childhood moves, and impactful experiences shared with their grandparents.

Lydia Smith-Osborne and Alexa Smith-Osborne

Alexa Smith-Osborne (68) talks with her youngest daughter, Lydia Smith-Osborne (28) about her experiences as part of the first coed class at UVA, her early career as a social worker, and her perspectives on feminism.

Cindy and Jimmy Rohls, The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother is an incredible person who has achieved so much throughout her life. She has travelled to so many places and overcome so much, I couldn’t be more thankful for my grandmother.