Vets & Cadets 1

An interview of a veteran’s life while serving the U.S. Navy.

Christina MacBride and Grady Jackson

Christina MacBride (54) talks to her father, Grady Jackson (82), about his experience in Vietnam and the plane crash that he survived while serving in the Navy.

Okie interview
December 29, 2021 App Interview

Interview with Okie about his life and family (cut short at end due to technical difficulties)

The Impacts of TV on Society (Alyssa and Amanda Hutton)

Amanda Hutton (45) talks with her daughter, Alyssa Hutton (18) about how she believes TV impacted her growing up, how it's affecting younger generations, and the roles of different groups in TV.

Laotian Father Tells His Experiences Growing Up in a Changing World of Media

Father and daughter have a light conversation about the changing world of media and how he has experienced it.

Instant Replay: My Dad’s years at the NFL + The teamwork between Football & Media (PART 1)

Touchdown! Ex Vice President of Operations for the Houston Texans, Barry Asimos reflects on his time at the NFL, & how the media plays into it all.

Mother and Daughter Discuss Diversity in the Film Industry

Sahara Sriraman is a freshman at the VCU Honors College who hopes to pursue a career in journalism. Natasha Sriraman is a pediatrician, author, mother, and international speaker. She discusses the level of diversity in film she experienced as a...