Andrea Bisordi and Chuck Bisordi

Andrea Bisordi (49) has a conversation with her husband, Chuck Bisordi (50), about their favorite stories of relatives, their courtship, raising a family, faith, and navigating a recent cancer diagnosis.

Beverly Little Thunder and Monique "Muffie" Mousseau

Beverly Little Thunder (75) tells her everlasting friend Monique "Muffie" Mousseau (54) about her involvement in the American Indian Movement (AIM) and about her experiences of sexism within the movement and ceremony. She recalls the heartbreak of being told she...

Blair GreyBull and Jey Born

Blair Greybull AKA Purple Lace (73) talks to new friend and conversation partner Jey Born (45) about her journey to self-acceptance as a Transgender woman and her memories growing up on the Standing Rock Reservation.

Cyra Sanborn Dumitru and Daniel A. Dumitru

Mother and child Cyra Sanborn Dumitru (64) and Daniel A. Dumitru (29) discuss Daniel's conception via in vitro fertilization, Cyra's pregnancy, and what inspired Cyra to become a parent. They also discuss how Cyra's relationships changed with her loved ones...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2022 with Norma Mendoza Robles

During this interview I talked with Norma Mendoza Robles she is 75 years old and she is my Grandmother. She lived in Agua prieta Mexico. Norma talked about her mom and dad and she talked about how she played the...

Jennifer Everett and Deborah Klein

Jennifer Everett (44) speaks with her physician, Deborah Klein (62) about her immense gratitude for their trusting relationship and compassionate care Dr. Klein provided and what impact it has had on Jennifer's life.

Torn Between Two Cultures: On Being the Daughter of Immigrant Parents

Loyola University Chicago MSW student Kate Dawson talks with her best friend of many years, Chloe Kilano, about growing up with two immigrant parents from Iran. The two reflect on Chloe's experience of being a first-generation college student while challenging...

Mike Larson and Tom Morse

One Small Step partners Mike Larson (64) and Tom Morse (37) talk about the uniqueness of the community on Minnesota's North Shore and the importance of being an active and engaged community member.

Michael Lewis and Daniel Patton

One Small Step partners Michael Lewis (55) and Daniel Patton (42) have a conversation about National Parks, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, libraries, and the role of government.

Debra Rich Gettleman and Adri Edwards-Johnson

One Small Step partners Debra Rich-Gettleman (58) and Adri Edwards-Johnson (47) discuss their relationships to Judaism, their experiences as mothers, their own backgrounds, and what it means to connect across political difference.