Kristin Mawhinney and Kate Holmes

Kristin Mawhinney (68) and her daughter Kate Holmes (39) share a conversation about their careers working in education.

Historian Recording

This was a great interview. We discussed many topic about Katumu’s life and learned more about them.

Mary Lou D’Altorio

Belinda and Julia Howland ask questions to their grandma (Gaga) about her life from being a child to now!

Jessica Harlan and her father, Greg Goldbogen, talk about his time in the United States Army Fife and Drum Corps during the Vietnam War.

Jessica Harlan (49) interviews her father, Greg Goldbogen (77). Greg was drafted into the United States Army in 1968 and served during the Vietnam War in the Fife and Drum Corp and as driver for government officials including Vice President...

Tom Hanlon and Jennifer Trotter

One Small Step conversation participants, Tom Hanlon (76) and Jennifer Trotter (32), talk about being raised Catholic, what they are passionate about, and health care.

Katy Frank and Susan Frank

One Small Step conversation partners, Susan Frank (52) and Katy Frank (41), have a discussion and touch on religion, politics and life during COVID-19.

Brian Scott-Smith and Doctor Anthony Fauci talk about HIV/AIDS turning 40 in 2021

British journalist, Brian Scott-Smith talks with Doctor Anthony Fauci about HIV/AIDS turning 40 in 2021 and how it impacts those living and aging with the disease. The interview was recorded for the news podcast - Connecticut East This Week and...

The Interesting History of Carmelita Mixon

In this interview, Carmelita Mixon gives a glimpse of her life to her granddaughter, Maria Mixon. We discussed her relationship with Reginald Lewis, Modeling, New York, Her Husband, and living during Segregation. We hope you enjoy!!!

62 Years of Television

Erin Romness interviews her father about television over his lifetime. She goes into detail about cable and the history of ads and televsion.