Mark DiPinto interviews his Great Aunt Bina about her past experiences and life decisions.

This interview took place over the phone and the participants were me, Mark DiPinto, and my Great Aunt, Bina Balzano. She was born in America shortly after her parents both were able to come to this country together. In this...

Dee Ann Tumbuan and Ellie Tumbuan

Sisters Dee Ann Tumbuan (39) and Ellie Tumbuan (42) discuss their childhood, moving around the country, summertime road trips and positive influential women from their parents' church, life lessons and their good friend Steve.

How a Pandemic Affects the World: a Teacher’s Perspective

15 year old, Emily Perez, interviews her mother, Maria Medina, to see how this global pandemic affects the life of a high school teacher.

How a Pandemic Affects the World: an Essential Worker’s perspective

15 year old, Emily Perez, interviews her godmother, Isabel Medina, to see how her life as an essential worker is impacted by this global pandemic. *social distancing was respected in the making of this interview*

Parenting Interview with My Grandma

I interviewed my grandma about her experiences with parenting her four children, including my dad.

Porsche, early years dating, kids
November 24, 2019 App Interview

This is about when mom and dad were dating and after they had us, and a Porsche

An Educator's Experience in the Classroom, and in Life.

In this interview, conducted in Silverado, California, Halley McIntire (19) interviews her grandfather, Stu Gothold (83) to talk about his experience as an educator, father, and husband. Dr. Gothold also shares his wisdom about leadership, and advises the future generations...

Interview with My Grandmother #thegreatlisten #firstvotingmemory #guncontrol #relevantissuestoday

My grandmother talks about her first ever voting memory when she was 21 years old in Whittier, California, and a certain issue that she votes for in elections.