My Favorite Oldest Sister

I had a lot if fun interviewing my aunt. we are very close and I learned a lot if things about her.

Angerilis & Bianca

Our conversation was about my surgery when I was 17. I had a tumor that almost killed me and I wanted to know how it has affected her.

The Great Thanksgiving – Milo Hooper

Today I talked to my dad about events in his life that shaped him to be the man he is today.

Interviewing my mom

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in York, Pennsylvania. I interview my mom Ayesha Yahya (35) about her childhood and family traditions. She shares her memories traveling to Saudi Arabia and India. She talks about her favorite hobbies and...

和我住爸的采访Interview with Tyrone Miller

He answered me some questions。回答比较简短,但是他给我说了很多故事在采访之后。将就一下好了。

Interview with Arthur “Chuck” Wertz

A talk about the life of Arthur Wertz. It went throughhis childhood to his time in the Navy to life at home.

Remembering the Phoenix

One of my best friend which I made in Lagos, Marco Bizzaro, who is now in university in U.K. He told me about his life lesson

Talking over a light Dinner

This interview is private.