Lidia Kyrychenko Drake and Katrina Zens

Lidia Kyrychenko Drake (84) shares a conversation with her granddaughter, Katrina Zens (30), about her experiences and memories in wartime and concentration camps during World War II. They also talk about Ukrainian people, Ukrainian traditions, and the effects of war.

Nora and David interview
May 14, 2022 App Interview

My grandpa’s life was very hard in Taiwan and moving to America. It was also hard making money, and he did not have a lot.

Interview with my mother.

My mom gives advice on the most vulnerable points of everyone’s life.

Abebech Mergia and Charlie Shin

Abebeck, a caregiver with PACE, talks with coworker Charlie about Fasika (Ethiopian Easter) and explains this special time in her culture. Also talks about the importance of neighbors, coworkers and participants.

Sai Kusampudi

Sai Kusampudi: 2022-03-22 05:23:46 Interview about the interviewees interest in Gundam figure building

History Interview

My dads history and what he went through

Noelle Martin and Shihru Martin: Facing Discrimination in a New Country

Shihru Martin (55) talks with her daughter, Noelle Martin (19) about her experiences moving from Taiwan to the United States and the challenges she faced with discrimination and the simple tasks having to do with language barriers and culture shock.

Interview for PSY 230

I spoke with my grandma about her life and the different accomplishments and things she is grateful for, as well as lessons she has learned throughout her life.