Interview with Stephany Gonzalez and Catarina Juan

Stephany Gonzalez (16) talks to her older cousin, Catarina Juan (20) about the struggles of race and ethnicy.

Interview of Mehran Farhadi

The interview of Mehran Farhadi(63) conducted by his son Evan Farhadi(16) and his journey as an Iranian and an American.

Vietnam Interview

Interviewing my grandma about her reflecting on Vietnam. She was graduating high school when Vietnam ended.

Learning More About my Father

Kiet Lam (49) talks with his daughter, Kathy Lam (18) about his childhood in Vietnam. He touches on personal bases on the lifestyle of Vietnam and the war. He compares what it’s like in Vietnam and here in America.

Immigrating from Vietnam

My mom’s story and experience living in Vietnam and immigrating from America

Living History Project

I (Beckett Reisenbigler 16) interviewed Randy Ornelis (73) about 9/11 and the war on terror.

60s Interview with Grandpa Don

This is me talking to my grandpa who was born in the early 50s. we talking about the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, Junior, civil rights movement, and overall how life was in the 60s.