Interview with grandpa Urquhart

My grandfather grew up as a navy brat and lived different places around the world. He was a NASA engineer with a passion for golf and cars.

An Uncle Passes Down A Lifetime Of Wisdom to His Inspired Niece

Anh Tran is priest who has traveled the world, met various people through networking, and has grown up trying to find his special place in the world. His story of love and life well spent with family is inspiring and...

Emily Castillo

Interviewed my mom *my spanish isn’t perfect* We discussed her life and her feelings.

Holocaust story
November 26, 2021 App Interview

This is an interview with my aunt, who tells the story of her aunt’s experience during the Holocaust. It is the a life story, and all about how her experiences growing up during the Holocaust made her a strong woman.

Grams Life

My grandma and I talk about her childhood along with her parents. Then we get into conversation about the love of her life.

The Great Thanksgiving listen with John J. Barrett

A conversation about life between John Barrett (the third) and his grandson Jordan Barrett. This conversation covers the journey of life from the low struggles to the high accomplishments and fulfillment that this journey brings.

Grandpa’s Story

I asked my grandpa a few questions about his childhood, military experience, and views on life