Evaluating artistic potential with Jen Waldman

Mara Jill Herman (Astoria) interviews Jen Waldman (Manhattan) on May 12, 2021. They discuss early dance recitals, teenage enterprising, getting messy with Musical Theater, YoungArts, and adapting the Jen Waldman Studio to a thriving virtual community.

Kathy Edge and Stacie Clark

Stacie shares about how her role as the Clinical Community Liaison at Providence hospice helps foster teamwork and care for patients. She shares her admiration for the sacrifices, creativity nd deep care she has witnesses in caregivers working in facilities...

Pati Interview

Paty talks about her life in Mexico and how different it is to the United States. She talks about her experiences growing up and being bullied for her height. She expands on our cultural richness in Yucatan such as rama,...

Dawn Fausner and Juleia Smith – 61 and 16

Juleia Smith (16) interviews her coworker Dawn Fausner (61) who is a hygienist and a nursing student. They talk about the medical field, life lessons, finding love later in life, career passion, and more.

Mother and I

My mother and I talked about some hard memories, religion and how I got through middle school.

COVID-19 Interview

This was an interview about the COVID-19 experience

Peggy and Marcias interview

Peggy talked to her mom Marcia about her experience being a parent.