Adventure 5 project pathway

For adventure 5 project pathway talking about my moms childhood and life raising me

Believing in Yourself in a World That Didn’t

Claudia Sherman interviews her mother, Dr. Leticia Toledo Sherman about her life as an immigrant and how she never doubted her ability to succeed in her field of chemistry.

The Cuban roots

We talked a little about how her life in cuba was. We also talked about how she got here to the US and what difficulties she faced. Was it a easy journey?

The great listen

I interview my mom who only speaks Spanish so the interview had to be in Spanish and I asked her a bunch of things from what she did as a child to how she met my dad

interviewing my mom about her childhood

We talked about her life before i was born. We also talked about what she wants for me in the future. Also we talked about her childhood and her way of living.

No hay sueños imposibles

Roxana Perez (17) entrevista a mi papá, Alfredo Perez (47). Mi papá cuenta cómo logro estudiar la carrera que siempre había soñado. No importa que tan difícil sea la situación o los obstáculos en el camino, si trabajas duro, te...

Thanksgiving Interview with Abuela

Just talking about her life; growing up in Cuba before Castro rose to power, fleeing Cuba, and life in the United States.

hijacked to cuba

Grandmother was Traveling to Miami in the late 60’s. Unfortunately on your flight happened to be a Cuban immigrant who ended up hijacking the plane in order to get back to Cuba to see his family and return home. Unfortunately...

SCI 1123

Talking about growing up in Cuba with my mom