A Memory to Preserve

This interview is based on the recent traumatic event of the pandemic, we are able to hear someone's personal experience of the pandemic and what were some of the challenges faced.

Kiara Alcon and Reyna Martinez

Kiara Alcon talks with her mom, Reyna Martinez about her life in Mexico and California.

Interview of Green Card issuing

Story of Srinivasan Jeyakannan, 47 years old, father of interviewer. Talking about his greens card issuing problem.

SL Interview

Rene Vasquez (60) talks with his granddaughter, Tyana Vasquez (17) about the Salvadoran Civil War and his experience.

Eduardo Cua Jr, Eduardo Cua III, and Xavier Kushi.

Eduardo Cua Jr (49) discusses the misconceptions and ideas of Hawaii from the perspective of someone who lived on both the U.S. Mainland as well as in Hawaii.

C. Santos – Processo de Inmigración

En esta entrevista estoy entrevistando a César Santos sobre su historia de inmigración a los Estados Unidos. César Santos es mi padre y tiene 41 años.