Interview about Covid-19

Today, May, 3 2021 in Northridge, California, I, Edwin Plata, interviewed Francisco Arevalo and asked him some questions about the Corona virus pandemic.

Natalie’s Interview :]

In this interview, I talk to my mom about her happiest, saddest, and proudest moments in her life. As you listen, you are able to feel the emotions that are being poured into the interview.

Nonie and Hayden

I talked with my grandmother for my interview. In this interview, I asked her to tell me some stories of my mom and her three brothers growing up in Los Angeles, CA. My grandmother then told me many stories of...

Fuming in the Pandemic

Hannya Kandil (16) talks with her brother, Ahmad Kandil (14) about the several months of quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Service Learning Project

We talked about their childhood and the way they grew up

Irene Luna and Breanna Davis

Nursing students, Irene (27) and Breanna (30) discuss starting nursing school during a pandemic.

Scott Acord and Lynn Taylor

Lynn (68) shares her story from college professor to hospice volunteer to board member and board chair at TrinityCare.