Alexis and her mother, talking about life experiences

In this interview, conducted on December 3rd 2020, in Beverly, Massachusetts, Alexis interviews her mother, asking about her childhood, funny stories, and present day life. Kristina shares funny, sad, and happy moments with Alexis. In the end of the interview...

The life time of my mother.

This was mostly about the life of my mother as a child through out the present day.

I Interview My Younger Brother About His View on Online School & the Pandemic

I, Alexa Calcano, ask my younger brother, Aidan Calcano, about his experiences in online school. He talks about his school work and how he would like to see his friends in public rather than online. Aidan also talks about how...

Bailey and Madilynn’s exchange of the words

In this interview, we were convinced as a nation that Madilynn is god. She talks about her favorite teacher and he time spent in college.

Talking to My Mom, Struggles and Challenges

In this interview, I, Christina Einig, will be talking to my mother, Nga Luong, about growing up and challenges she has faced, and how that has made her the person and mother she is.

Interview with my mom

We talked about my mom's experience growing up in a large family with a single mother and then becoming a mother herself.