Coming To America: Mariam Elias

I interviewed my grandmother for a sophomore American History class about how she came to this country and her journey.

Margret Ann Kistler

My Grandma has some good and fun memories of her childhood, lots and lots of great memories with her children and is now making awesome memories with her grandchildren

Coming to America

Niki Papadelis moved from Leros, Greece to Michigan, in the United States, she moved because she had just gotten married, and was having children. Sense she moved to to the United States, she has learned how to Speak English and...

My interview of my mom By: Delaney Hitsman ELA6

My interview was maiming about my mom and her life growing up and her life while she was younger.

Interview of my mom 11/27/17

This interview is of my mom answering questions I have wondered about her.