Jumping back to the 1980’s!

Libby asks her mom about her childhood and some experiences throughout that time! She gets to learn more about her mother and what it was like during her young age!

Mrs.Betty Bishop

My granny and I discussed how her life was growing up in a low income household and how she was able to enjoy life as it is and prosper.

Interview with my Grandfather

my grandfather told me about his grandfather lives and how he was apart of the masons and knew a bunch of people from that like the head of the FBI, walt disney, roosevelt, and more. he also told me about...

Storytelling- LaTonya Watson

Talked about the lifelong legacy for my family. We dug deeper into the situations of our family’s history.

Michael Johansson and Bounthanom Munxayaphom

Michael Johansson (71) talks with his friend Bounthanom Munxayaphom (45) about Bounthanom’s childhood in Laos, his time spent in a Buddhist monastery, how he eventually came to study in the United States, and his family.

Midnight Convos

A young couple has a casual conversation and discuss childhood and inspirations.

Carl Haymore and Tyrone Haymore

Carl Haymore Jr. (50) speaks with his uncle Tyrone Haymore (74), who is a local historian, about the historical firsts in the village of Robbins, IL, the famous people who came from Robbins, as well as Carl's love of fatherhood.