Interview With Nana (My Grandmother)

Today I did an interview with my Nana. She talks about her past and her family. My Nana even talks about her first time seeing me and talking about me in the hospital.

Avery Walkoviak interviews her grandfather about growing up on a farm and their family heritage.

This interview took place in Eugene, Oregon on November 29th. Avery Walkoviak (13) interviewed her grandfather Larry Walkoviak (67) about growing up on a farm as a son of a Catholic Polish immigrant. Larry shares about his family on his...

Thanksgiving cousins

Cousins reflected on the past year and a half since high school graduation.

“Follow Truth and Life Wherever it Leads You” Tanager on Growing Up In Maryland and Oklahoma

In this interview, conducted in November 2019, Allika (16) interviews her mother, Tanager (40) on the subject of growing up in Maryland and Oklahoma during the ’80s and ’90s. Tanager shares funny and sad stories alike from her childhood all...