Nailah and Teagan Paxton

This is an interview with my mom about her early life and raising me and my brother as a single parent.

Liam O'Connor and Jim Columbo Discuss Trap Shooting.

Liam O'Connor (13) interviews his grandfather Jim Columbo (70) about his experience as a champion trap shooter who was on the Gold Medal winning team for the 1970 World Games, representing the United States. : 2020-06-09 03:21:11

"We have survived this before" – Maya Faulhaber and Willie Charmichael.

Maya Faulhaber asks her grandfather Willie Charmichael about how social distancing and the coronavirus have settled with him, and asks him about his career as a consultant and some advice he might give to people who are struggling right now.

Christi Lossner & Mary Jo Kolb

Christi Lossner: 2020-05-27 22:52:18 Christi Lossner talks with her mom via computer during the 2019-2020 COVID19 pandemic.

Open hands with Jana Dickman

Jana Dickman tells some of her essential story after returning to The United States from Indonesia in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our conversation includes her experience teaching abroad when COVID-19 began, being evacuated from Southeast Asia in Spring...

Paul "Pat" Eck interviews his wife of 49 years, Sara Janet Eck during pandemic of 2020 and beyond.

Paul Eck: 2020-05-09 22:32:49. Pat Eck (73) interviews wife of 49 years, Jan Eck (70). Jan shared values, cares, dreams, memories and other wonderful things. The interview was conducted at home in Portland, Oregon.

Jan Eck Reflections from Pat

Jan Eck: 2020-05-09 21:51:39. Pat Eck (73) talks with Jan Eck (70) about 49 years of marriage and what matters in Pat's life. He reflected on his values, children and grandchildren, wife, community and public education.

A short interview with my Grandmother Claire

In this interview, I asked my grandmother some simple questions about her life and childhood, and needless to say it was really interesting!