Steve Desroches, Christopher McCary and John Sullivan

Christopher McCary (63) and John Sullivan (56) became unexpected celebrities when they traveled from Anniston, Alabama to Provincetown, Massachusetts to get married on May 17, 2004. Celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary they talk about that day with Steve Desroches (49),...

Jim Farley & Eric Delgado

Jim and Eric met through the Walk A Mile program. Jim works as the Patient Registration SCDIC at Swedish Cherry Hill and Eric is CFO for our hospitals in the Seattle area. Through the program, Eric was better able to...

Priya Shah and Phani Paladugu

Priya Shah (27) and her husband, Phani Paladugu (28), discuss Priya's career and her child health advocacy work.

Benjamin Marshall & Laura Smith

Laura recently met Benjamin, who went to school with her brother, Berkeley, who has Down syndrome. Benjamin sat next to Berkeley in sixth grade and he talked about the impact that year had on his life. Because of his exposure...

Staying Connected during Covid

Two long-time friends recount their experiences of Covid. How they stayed sane making special moments into vivid memories.

Gaudencio Macaraig, Jackson Crews, and Marilyn Crews

Jackson Crews (12) speaks with his grandfather Gaudencio "Mac" Macaraig (96) and his mother Marilyn Crews (51) about Mac's childhood in the Philippines, his experience in the Coast Guard, and his favorite family memories.