A talk with my mom

I talked with my mom about me and my siblings and also about our family

Roy Huckeba and Amy Huckeba

Roy Huckeba: 2020-12-04 19:06:49 Interview between Husband and Wife about past lessons and what it was like growing up.

Maggie’s interview with her Dad

Maggie interviews her Dad about growing up in Double Springs Alabama. They also talk about his greatest influence growing up and what he would like to pass on to others.

Parenting With Micheal Sheffield

Hailey Robinson and Micheal Sheffield reminisce Micheal’s parenting when he was younger and how he wants to make a difference on children’s lives today. Micheal gives tips to young single parents and encouragement on how to stay strong and never...

Moving Further South

Ms. Charlotte moved from Tennessee to Alabama roughly thirty years ago. She talked about her experience and feelings with moving her whole life away from her family. She also shares some advice for anyone who is planning on moving states...

The Life of Raistlin Tucker

To wrap things up, we talked about Raistlin’s overall life, goals, past, future, etc. He talked about sensitive topics like his parents and relationships. I got him to open up to me with my questions about things that he normally...