Carolyn Cleary and Kevin Cleary

Carolyn Cleary: 2020-08-21 18:41:03 Carolyn Cleary (56) and her brother Kevin Cleary (68) discuss an episode in Kevin's life that Carolyn knew little about. He was a young anti-war activist in the early 1970s and was arrested for praying for...

A conversation with my Nana.

My grandmother and I talked about her past and my moms.

Does the past matter?

We talked about our loves and how others have touched us thus far. It was very enlightening conversation that caused me to see my wife in a whole new way.

Carlin Chazen and Puddy Herrmann

Carlin Chazen (16) talks with her grandmother, Suzanne "Puddy" Herrmann (77) about her childhood in Baltimore, MD, and how her southern heritage has influenced her views and opinions on equality in America.

Christopher and Laura Sulmonte

Christopher Sulmonte talks with his wife Laura (both 28) about his experiences working in the Johns Hopkins Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lydia Smith-Osborne and Alexa Smith-Osborne

Alexa Smith-Osborne (68) talks with her youngest daughter, Lydia Smith-Osborne (28) about her experiences as part of the first coed class at UVA, her early career as a social worker, and her perspectives on feminism.

Introducing children to the news and media

An interview with my mom about introducing children to the news and media, particularly in today’s global pandemic.

Ryan and Hailey Ishak Interview

I got the opportunity to interview my sister Hailey. We talked about we memories, aspirations in life, and what people have influenced her the most in becoming the person she is today.