Immigration and Covid-19’s Impact

STAFF ATTORNEY at Capital Area Immigrants Rights Coalition, Caroline Raschbaum, discusses US immigration and the affect that COVID-19 is having on the children she works with.

Having a low self esteem to becoming confident

Jada at some point in her life had low self esteem which derive from the experience she had going to school. It lowered her self esteem but at the same time made her a better person as she grew older.

Chatting with my dad, Steve Simonds.

Dad talks a bout the most influential elements in his life, from growing up in NH to his service in WWll to his career in human services policy in Maine and Washington DC.

Clock Hands of Time

This is a fun and loving interview with my grandmother. This includes lots of classic family stories and the life of my grandmother.

Interview with my Dad

I talked to my dad about his early life

My mom, a first generation college student

Heidi Hartmann explains what it was like to be a First-Generation college student at Swarthmore College in the 1960s.