Migration interview

I ask my dad, Ross Juliano, of the time that he had went to Florida due to a business deal his father had made

An interview with my mom

My name is Maxmilian Mizis (16) and I interviewed my mom, Macy Geiger (43). We talked about what it was like living with two other siblings, her grandparents, school, and her job and how its changed from what she originally...

Finding a Family

A daughter asks her mom about what it was like to go from being an adopted only child to finding her biological family later in life.

Conversando con mi Abuela // Talking with my Grandmother

Intrevistando mi Abuela y preguntando algunas cosas sobre su vida como sus momentos mas orgullosos y lecciones que ha aprendido. // Interviewing my Grandmother and asking a some questions about her life like her proudest moments and life lessons she's...

My Mom’s Life Story

In this interview, I, Alanna Diaz interview my mother, about her life. We talk about fortunate and misfortunate events and I get to know a little about my mother that I never knew. My mom talks about her childhood and...

Thanksgiving interview with my Grandma

My grandma spoke about her childhood and what has led her to where she is today. She also spoke on how she feels about the current situation that our country is in, and the advice she has for future generations.

Neil and Rangaswami Chandran's Interview

Dr. Rangaswami Chandran informs his grandson about his childhood with vivid description of his memories. His answers portrays the impactful events that changed his life and also his idols and people who have had a great influence on him. These...