Georgia Riddick and Sarah Kirchner

One Small Step participants Georgia Riddick [no age given] and Sarah Kirchner [no age given] discuss their experiences with desegregation busing, the people who helped them begin their careers, their concerns about the environment, and their frustrations with the United...

You’re a Very Involved Parent Mr. Greathouse: A Father’s Day Interview

An interview of a father by his daughter. We discuss fatherhood starting with his father, and ending with advice for his kids when they become parents.

Pamela Ward and Darryl Ward

Spouses, Darryl Ward (65) and Pamela Ward (60), ask each other to reflect on some childhood memories and discuss their shared experience of Darryl having Parkinson's disease.

Sarrah Ellen McDonald and Sarah Adams

Interview with Sarrah Ellen McDonald on how she began singing and playing music, her involvement in helping found Georgia Pick & Bow Traditional Appalachian Music School, and other aspects of music in Dahlonega. Interviewed by Sarah Adams on April 5,...

Ann Whitley-Singleton and Sarah Adams

Interview with Ann Whitley-Singleton, long-time(and recently-retired)curriculum director of Georgia Pick & Bow Traditional Music School, director of the annual Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week at Mars Hill University, and many other musical communities. Interviewed by Sarah Adams on August 28,...

Sonya Heard and Yolanda Osborne

Fellow teachers and friends Sonya Denise Heard (52) and Yolanda Osborne (52) talk about the people who have influenced their lives as well as their experiences as teachers of young children, focusing part of their conversation on their experiences with...

Sharon Ross, Larry Duncan, and Sarah Mitchell

Sharon Ross (45) has a conversation with her father Larry Lee Duncan, Sr. (80) and her great aunt Sarah Petty Smith Mitchell (89) about their family and some of its history in Georgia.

My Mother’s Experience Immigrating from Former Soviet Union to Wisconsin

My mother’s struggles with the fall of the Soviet Union and the wars in Georgia. Then the struggles she had with immigration and language barriers. Finally how she overcame them now.