White Water Breaks the Stone

John Friedrich (56) talks with his friend Bob Alpern (92) talks about two trips to Europe to protest the deployment of U.S. missiles in Europe, including a three day block of the Mutlangen Air Force Base in southern Germany. There,...

Stories Of A Mother

Anna Ross recounts moments from her childhood in the United States and Ireland, and how they shaped her view of the world. Interviewed by her daughter, Ita Berg, she also explains how being a mother in America has changed her...

Bob meets McCarolyn.

Bob Alpern talks of locking eyes with a woman with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, at a talk he delivered at the Unitarian Universalist fellowship in Santa Rosa, California,That led to McCarolyn joining Bob in Washington, DC, with an...

My Mother’s History

In this interview, my mother and I discussed her life journey. She talked about her childhood in Ireland, and the difficulties her and her family had growing up. She discussed her track career and how that led her to America...

Interview with my Grandma about her childhood

Asking my grandmother, Carol Foster, questions about how she perceived America during her childhood

First TV in Loughrea

Cyril Connaughton (55) talks with his daughter, Maeve Connaughton (18) about television throughout his life. Cyril spoke about his favorite shows growing up as well as his opinion on the progression of television and censorship.

Heidi Plumb and Kale Dankenbring

Spouses Heidi Plumb (41) and Kale Dankenbring (47) recall the journey of travel and enlightenment they completed before opening a small coffee shop in Kansas.