Mama byrd birthday 85 take 2
September 27, 2021 App Interview

From being a baby in a Creech Coal Company coal camp in Kentucky to the delivery of her first daughter and first son. Memories of family ghost stories. A trip from Kentucky that ended in a Texas marriage

interviewing my grandma!

about her past life and about her favorite memories she had in her life.

Kendra Morgan and Clark Morgan

Kendra Morgan (38) shares a conversation with her father, Clark Morgan (64), about their family’s history and Civil War history. Clark also talks about his involvement in living history, in Civil War reenactments, and about his gratitude for the support...

Interview with Oscar G

We talked about life, growing up, and the differences in two cultures.

Getting To Know All About You

Even after being with my boyfriend, Matthew, for three years, there is still so much I learn about him everyday. I am a strong believer in asking the hard questions, but sometimes the silly questions can tell you a lot...

Interview of my mother.

We talked about my childhood and many sweet memories of my siblings and I. We briefly talked about how my mom and dad met.

Me and my Grandma

Today I will be intervening my grandma and asking her these questions I came up with. It was a pleasure talking to her. I have learned so much from her and I have learned things about her that I didn’t...