Fritz Kling and Robin Sparkman

One Small Step conversation partners Fritz Kling (61) and Robin Sparkman (51) discuss their political differences and similarities.

Sydni Stearns

Sydni Stearns, age 20, daughter. Jacki Stearns, age 47, mother. We discussed how the retrieval of music has changed since she was younger and the effect of these changes as well as social media on younger generations.

Maynard "Dick" Dixon

"There wasn't nothin' goin' on around there anyway:" A grandfather's stories from Rainelle, WV to Hopewell, VA. Maynard "Dick" Dixon tells stories from his childhood and brief career in coal mining in Rainelle, WV, a stint in Arlington, VA, and...

A Covid Conversation

Today I will be discussing the impact that Covid-19 had on my brother, Cameron Jones. Whether it was the transition to remote learning or the rallies in Richmond.

News information

This interview was about how technology has changed throughout the years. Also the effect of the internet in today’s society.

Mass Communication 101 New Media Project

I, Charles, interview my younger brother on the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Ernest Mathewson talks about his experience being drafted in the Vietnam era and why that might not have been a bad thing to happen to him

James Connolly interviews his grandfather, Ernest Mathewson. Ernest describes his experiences with luck and fate. Ernest started as a somewhat troubled middle school student. During high school he was sent to a military school where his grades drastically improved and...

What is Pride? What is Resistance?

To understand pride and resistance, we must ask and see examples of it. We have my older brother, Jesus. He’s a activist and photographer. He understands what it means and gives a description of them.