Apush interview with Tutu

A discussion of life in the 1900’s, professional life, and a childhood living through World War II.

Holidays and Life Lessons

I'm interviewing my mom after Christmas 2021, before heading to East Palo Alto, where I'm serving as a Climate Action Corps Fellow.

Armita Ghahremani and Freeda Saba discussing Freeda's Life and Family History

Armita Ghahremani (14) talks with her aunt, Freeda Saba (50/preferred to not say real age) about her proudest moments, passion and work balance, as well as history that affected her life. We go in depth about her timeline and her...

Gene Cook Interview

Gene Cook, aged 90, talks about his life, passions and what he's learned during his time on this spinning rock.

Interview with Rachel Velasco

This is an interview that gets to go behind the scenes of my grandmother’s life and understand what historical events that may have effected her before and even now.

My Mother’s Journey Through Father’s Dementia

During today’s interview, I had the opportunity to discuss and share my mother’s journey through dealing with my grandfather‘s dementia. This has been an eye-opening experience that has affected our family and loved ones around us. We took a deeper...