My Mother’s Experience Immigrating from Former Soviet Union to Wisconsin

My mother’s struggles with the fall of the Soviet Union and the wars in Georgia. Then the struggles she had with immigration and language barriers. Finally how she overcame them now.

Army Baseball

My dad tells the story of being drafted during Vietnam with a young family, and of his sports career in Germany that resulted.

Life With Dad

From farm boy to executive in a Fortune 500 company. This is an interview with my Dad.

Carol Waggoner-Angleton and Travis Holloway

Travis Holloway (54) talks to his friend Carol Waggoner-Angleton (57) about the African-American history of Augusta GA and the production of his upcoming book

Patricia Watson Interview

In this interview, conducted November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, Gabriel Watson interviews his mother, Patricia Watson about her family lineage, expectations in life, siblings, the location of her upbringing, and what she is most prideful of in life

Interview: Julie Hudak

My mother and I discussed a plethora of topics on and off the list of questions. She told many stories about me and her life before starting a family. We discussed many important historical events throughout her time that I...


I talked about wonderful memories of my family and friends. It was fun to relive the ‘old days’ with my sweet grandson, Huston. Some of the people and stories he had heard about, but I think there were a few...