Steve Desroches and Brent Daly

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Brent Daly about his work as a stand up comic and the character of Anne Hutchinson he created, inspired by a real historical figure, and the walking tours of Provincetown, Massachusetts he does as her.

Postwar Vietnam

My mother, Dana (Binh) Le talks about her experiences growing up in postwar Vietnam and how her mother provided for her family of 9 to get by while my grandfather was put away in reeducation camp, and later escaped from...

Interview with Tiffany Fonseca

Nina Fonseca, age 18, interviewed her mom, Tiffany Fonseca, 55 years old. The interview was conducted on May 7th, 2023. It took place in Miami, Fl. Nina and Tiffany discussed Tiffany’s life growing up in Kentucky and the life lessons...

Interview between Julie Barefoot and Jason Barefoot

Jason Barefoot speaks with his mother about their most fond memories of Decatur, what makes someone or something "quintessentially Decatur" and, how Decatur has informed their life experiences.

Coworker Interview

My name is Kaitlynn Creed, and I am 19 years old. I have decided to interview my coworker Merideth Baswell for a speech project.

My dad in a coma

Gabriel Vidalis(13) talks with Demetri, his father(41), about his experience in a coma