Getting To Know All About You

Even after being with my boyfriend, Matthew, for three years, there is still so much I learn about him everyday. I am a strong believer in asking the hard questions, but sometimes the silly questions can tell you a lot...

Interview of my mother.

We talked about my childhood and many sweet memories of my siblings and I. We briefly talked about how my mom and dad met.

Me and my Grandma

Today I will be intervening my grandma and asking her these questions I came up with. It was a pleasure talking to her. I have learned so much from her and I have learned things about her that I didn’t...

Interview With My Dad

I focused the interview around my dad’s childhood and his career because those were the two things most mysterious to me. My dad always worked with small classified matters so I never knew what was going on in his life....

StoryCorps Project- Cassidy

We talked about school, life, and relationships

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about what my grandpa’s childhood was like and what it was like raising my dad.