Interview with my Grandfather on Sunday, 11/4/2021

I was interviewing my Grandfather, who is living in Vietnam and we talked about his parents, what was the most important lesson he learned in life as well as who was his influencer and what did he learn about them.

Jacquelyn Stokes and Quenton Stokes-Brown

Jacquelyn Stokes (65) and her son Quenton Stokes-Brown (25) discuss the members of their family who have served in the military: Dr. Lewis Wright Jr, Thomas Elder Stokes, Charles “Sonny” Couch, Wadesworth Brown Jr, and Jasen Wadesworth Brown.

Bruce Caine and Elaine Caine

Elaine Oakley Caine (68) interviews her husband Bruce "Woody" Caine (76) about his career in the military, his time deployed in Germany and Vietnam, and his different careers after the military.

Kimberly Chang, Allison Chang, and Jocelyn Chang

Daughters Kimberly Chang [no age given] and Allison Chang (48) discuss with their mother Jocelyn Chang (75) the topic of human trafficking and how their family history as Asian/Native Hawaiians overlap with this issue.

Lauren Devine and Jordan Greenbaum

Friends and colleagues Lauren Devine [no age given] and Jordan Greenbaum [no age given] share their varying experience working with victims of human trafficking.