Interview with my Grandfather on Sunday, 11/4/2021

I was interviewing my Grandfather, who is living in Vietnam and we talked about his parents, what was the most important lesson he learned in life as well as who was his influencer and what did he learn about them.

Being a young adult in the draft era

My father, Robert Berry, lived through an interesting time- the last US Military draft. I sit down with Mr. Berry and talk about his experience in the US ARMY.

the great thanksgiving listen

Tiffani interviewed her aunt Julie at her home on December 7, 2020. Tiffani and her aunt Julie talked about her diffcult childhood and what she did during the summer in vietnam. They also talked about Julie's mother alittle bit. Finally,...

Backpacks & Baguettes

A father and son talk about the children’s travel book they wrote together, Backpacks & Baguettes, and the reminder it provided of what it was like to live in the world before the pandemic hit - the sights, the smells...

Interview with Stephanie Torres

This interview contains stories from Stephanie’s life and her past experiences that has helped her grown as a woman.

Who Said What?: Comparing American and Vietnamese Medias and Governments

American college student Annie Phan talks to her father, Dr. Chuong Phan, about the differences and similarities between Communist Vietnamese and Democratic American media. Dr. Phan shares his experiences of growing up during the Vietnam War and what his migration...

“Life”during old times…(Diêp Truong’s life)

In this interview, conducted in November 27, 2020, Concord, California. Tram Doan (13) interviews her grandma, Diep Truong (62) about her childhood and throughout her life in our country. Mrs. Truong shares about many things about her hard life times....