The Early Childhood of Dr. Suvankar “Seve” Majumdar

A son asks his dad a few questions about his early childhood, to get a better understanding about who his dad is and how his dad’s actions and experiences as a child have shaped him into the man he is...

A mother’s story

This interview is about a mother’s childhood and how the events and people around her shaped her views and affected the way she acts and treats people today.

From Bombay to Mumbai: Shrutha and her mom discuss living in post-colonial India.

In this interview, conducted in June 2021 in Rockville, Maryland, Shrutha (17) interviews her mom, Ms. Pai, about growing up in India after the period of British colonialism. Ms. Pai describes what India looked like before the British arrived, painting...

Feben Girma reflecting on Covid's impact.

Feben Girma discussed her experience as the daughter of a frontline worker, and the ways her life was shifted by Covid-19. She also noted what she is looking forward as we move towards normal.

Army Baseball

My dad tells the story of being drafted during Vietnam with a young family, and of his sports career in Germany that resulted.

Carol and Sonha on Mother's Day 2021

Sonha Mason: 2021-05-09 14:36:41 Sonha Mason (55) talks with her mother-in-law, Carol Downs (82) about her life and how their relationship has evolved after the death of Bill Mason who Sonha was married to.

Cheryl Wason and Adeline Holt Smith

Cheryl Wason: 2021-04-03 18:19:02 Adeline Holt Smith (89) talks with her daughter, Cheryl Ann Wason (64) about raising her 6 children