Lily A, My Grandfather Grampy A

Lily Aldrich talks to her grandfather Donald Aldrich about his life and the troubles and happy memories he went through.

APUSH Grade Reclamation Project: Semester 1

This interview was between my grandma, Bettie Sarver, and me, Lindsey Barrett, about what her life was like from childhood to retirement.

Tina interviews her dad and mom: Ron and Jeanne DeBenedictis

Ron DeBenedictis (an iron worker by trade) tells about how he came to live in California from Massachusetts, survived falling 88 ft from a skyscraper and how he met his wife Jeanne.

Experiences and Thoughts during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This interview was about the thoughts and experiences of my father during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Olivia Wilkinson and Kathrine Wilkinson: A reporter's view on the coronavirus pandemic

Kathrine Wilkinson (25) discusses her job as a reporter and the coverage of events such as the rise in the Black Lives Matter movement, COVID-19, and the 2020 presidential election.

Uncle Ken

An interview with my Uncle Ken. We talked about his life growing up in the 70s. We also talked about his work life and what he’s learned through working.

Interview with my mom about her childhood & how things were like growing up.

I interview my mom about growing up, mostly about her school experiences and how they defined the rest of her adolescent years.

History Project

We discussed how our family buisness started and grew. How my great grandparents started with a wall paper boutique and my dad and uncles have come to a major local paint and decorating store.