Childhood Bullying:A Lifelong Impact

I had a conversation with my general manager about his childhood and how bullying impacted his life.

class project. talking about the life span

I felt like some of my questions and my hesitation made me mess up.

Mark Freeman- Small Business Owner, Leader, Ironman

Mark Freeman is a small business owner in the greater Nashville area. He’s a leader, entrepreneur, and most importantly my father. From discussing the challenges of an Ironman to how it relates in the business world this interview hits on...

My fathers past and my future

I interviewed my father and discussed with him on things we’ve been through, his past and my future. How he grew up and his childhood. The interview was recorded on 11/27/2020

Halle’s Interview

Everything. Anti-blackness, racism, BLM, compassion, empathy. Being raised a black woman in a wealthy, white, Southern community. A lot more.

Her Own Space: Self Care, Sisterhood, and South Korea with Robin

Traveling while black means researching more than ticket prices and exchange rates. There's a savviness to surviving racism in the United States and abroad as colorism, cultural appropriation, and xenophobia abound. Robin's faced it all as a black woman teaching...

Dad, what can you tell me about Will Campbell flying us to Nashville after Mom passed away?

Will Campbell flew my father Robert Patterson, my Brother Thomas Patterson and me David Patterson to Nashville to stay at his cabin after Mom passed away.