Aisha Owens and Kristen Kelley

Aisha Owens (36) is interviewed by her case manager Kristen Kelly (27) about her thoughts on poverty, homelessness, rent hikes, and her journey finding stable housing at La Casa Norte.

David Turner and Luigi Villanueva

David Turner (58) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Luigi Villanueva (25) about his experiences during his time as a military police officer, a K9 handler, and an audio/visual stage technician. David also talks about how he deals with PTSD.

Laura Cattani and Jack Thomson

Laura Cattani (38) talks with her grandfather Jack G. Thomson (97) about his long life as a farmworker in the Central Valley of California. Jack recounts joining the Navy, meeting his wife, and starting a rice co-op in a nearby...

Whitney Weddell and Tracy Weddell

Whitney Weddell (55) and her sister Tracy Weddell (60) remember their mother, Doris Weddell, who was world-renown as the repository for collecting first-hand history related to the Dustbowl. Whitney and Tracy talk about what it was that drew their mother...

Etta Robin and Kathleen Arnold-Chambers

Longtime friends Etta Robin (81) and Kathleen Arnold-Chambers (74) reminisce about their memories as friends and the common experiences that they share as mental health professionals, survivors of breast cancer, and practicing Jewish women.

Jennifer Martinez, Maria Martinez, and Alberto Martinez

Jennifer Martinez (31) habla con sus padres, Maria Martinez (61) y Alberto Martinez (64), acerca de las experiencias que han tenido Maria y Alberto como inmigrantes de Mexico a los Estados Unidos. Alberto y Maria hablan del sufrimiento que pasaron...

Patrick Frase and Stefan Lambert

Friends and colleagues Patrick Frase (63) and Stefan Lambert (57) talk about the history and formation of groups such as the African American Film Association and the Negro Actors Guild, analyze important films that highlighted African American actors, and talk...

Andie Sullivan and Kristie Coons

Colleagues Andie Sullivan (47) and Kristie Coons (75) talk about their shared work in the Kern County public library system. Respectively, they talk about what compels them to serve their community by working in the libraries, and Kristie recounts some...

Ariel Dyer and Jasmin LoBasso

Ariel Dyer (29) and her coworker Jasmin LoBasso (27) talk about their shared work at the Beale Memorial Library in Bakersfield. The coworkers talk about literacy, library programming, working collaboratively, and inspiring the community to come to the Kern County...

Mary Vardigan and Peter Granda

Mary Vardigan [no age given] speaks with her former colleague Peter Granda (73) about their time working at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), developing data standards, and the transition from analogue data to digital data.