Edward "Ned" Canty and Karen Canty

Husband Edward "Ned" Canty (53) speaks with his wife Karen Canty (57) about how they met, Ned's proposal to Karen, and advice they have for other couples.

Stephanie [No Name Given] and Megan Day

Friends Stephanie [No Name Given] (41) and Megan Day (38) talk about their bonding experience during their time at treatment this past November. The two reflect on the things they miss about treatment, the difficulties of returning to normal life,...

Claudia Lakey and James Duke

Claudia Lakey (53) speaks with her father James Duke (81) about her maternal grandmother, who unionized a steam laundry where she worked. Claudia and James remember Claudia's grandmother and speak about their family in the present day.

Stephanie Hurd and Ali Manning

Friends Stephanie Hurd (29) and Ali Manning (35) talk about their careers in food & wellness and the ways in which they practice self care. The friends reflects on how these topics existed in their childhoods and what advice they...

Stellan Knowles and LaCretia Springer

Stellan Knowles (21) speaks with his grandmother LaCretia Springer (76) about her childhood, the challenges of her life, and her hopes for future generations of LGBTQ+ youth and the significance of their relationship.

Hortencia "Bonita" Esrael and Walter "Craig" Esrael

Hortencia "Bonita" Esreal (63) speaks with their husband Walter "Craig" Esrael (65) on Bonita's childhood, their educational and professional journeys, and the story of how they met and started a family together.

Camille Holmes and Andrea Self

Colleagues Camille Holmes (40) and Andrea Self (39) talk about their work with Indomitable Families Affected by Incarceration (IFAM), the impacts of incarceration at the individual and family levels, and the resources necessary for sustainable reentry.

Crystal DeBerry and Torey DeBerry

Crystal DeBerry (40) and her husband Torey DeBerry (43) talk about Torey's incarceration, the impact it had on their family, and why they chose to take a chance on one another through all of the challenges.

Ines Negrette and María Bozo

Amigas y colegas Ines Negrette (no edad) y María Bozo (no edad) hablan de su inmigración a los Estados Unidos, su trabajo en CasaLuz, y las maneras en que han crecido con los años. Friends and colleagues Ines Negrette (no...

Shonda Brooks and Shawana Johnson

Dr. Shonda Brooks (50) speaks with her colleague Shawana Johnson (43) about their passion for reproductive justice and the health disparities and adverse outcomes for those experiencing childbirth, particularly Black women. Both emphasize the culture surrounding birth and reproductive care,...