Phares O’Daffer and Sara Marberry

Phares O'Daffer (87) talks to his daughter, Sara Marberry (61), about growing up on a farm in Illinois, his teaching and writing career, caring for his late wife, and why the phrase, "Boots full of fish" describes him so well.

Robert Seebeck, Elizabeth Sawyer, Robert Seebeck, and John Seebeck

Robert Seebeck (95) celebrates his 95th birthday sharing memories and stories of the family with his children, Elizabeth "Beth" Sawyer (63), Robert "Fred" Seebeck (68), and John Seebeck (56).

Mario Kolody and Lida Nedilsky

Lida Nedilsky (51) interviews friend and mentor Mario Kolody (66) about his memories growing up in Ukrainian Village in Chicago, his love for soccer, and how he helped establish the first soccer team at Lane Tech High School.

Tyshaun Roach and Sadie Woods

Sadie Woods (42) interviews collaborator Tyshaun Roach (19) for the I Am Project about his inspirations in life, the struggles he has experienced, and his hopes for the future.

D'khori Sturkey and A.J. McClenon

A.J. McClenon (34) interviews their mentee D'Khori Sturkey (18) about their pasts, present, and hopes for their futures as well as what they'd want to change about themselves.

Emmanuel Crawford and Amarion Jones

Emmanuel Crawford (18) speaks with his classmate at Oak Park and River Forest High School Amarion Jones (18) about their past year during the pandemic, their hopes for the future, and what they enjoy doing now.

Nahlyee Bryant and Meshiya Smith

Nahlyee Bryant (18) has a conversation with his classmate Meshiya Smith (18) about navigating school, what it means to be the only athlete in the family, and their hopes for college.

Kay Hofmann and Mary Wallace

Kay Hofmann (89) is interviewed by her friend Mary Eleanor Wallace (37) about how they met in 2014, and how their lives changed after that first encounter. Kay also talks about her father who came from Germany, her vintage toy...

Elliot Riddle and Stephanie Riddle

Stephanie Riddle [no age given] interviews her nephew Elliot Riddle [no age given] about his experience attending college in Tennessee, getting involved with school organizations, and his expectations on his new journey moving to Dallas, Texas for a new job...

Frenda Rodgers, Mercedes Pickett, and Charles Pickett

Siblings Mercedes Pickett (29) and Charles Pickett (25) interview their mentor and colleague Frenda Rodgers (42) about her journey as a community educator and mentor for Chicago's youth. Frenda also shares her experience at Chicago Public Schools, and her inspirations...