Cawanna Stonewall and Keven Stonewall

Cawanna Stonewall [no age given] talks to her son, Keven Stonewall, Jr. (25), about their favorite memories together, Keven's curiosity, and how Cawanna supported and encouraged him since he was very young. Keven talks about what he has learned from...

Dario Cardenas and Jasmin Cardenas

Dario Cardenas (75) is interviewed by his daughter Jasmin Cardenas (42) about his contributions as an electrician who worked for big construction projects including the Chicago Cultural Center, McCormick Place, and other remarkable structures in Chicago. He also talks about...

Junior Correa and Orlando Clemons

Junior Correa (33) talks to his friend Orlando Clemons (42) about his childhood, and his determination to overcome obstacles to pursue his goals. He talks about starting a candy business as a kid, and the positives and negatives of that...

Neeraja Subbaiah and Sajani Neeraja

In this conversation, Sajani Neeraja (26) celebrates her mother Neeraja Subbaiah (56), who speaks about what it was like to regain her independence and identity after living in an abusive marriage. Neeraja also speaks about toxic masculinity in Indian culture,...

Dina Nakhleh and Andrew Cole

Dina Nakhleh (32) and her husband, Andrew Cole (31), talk about how they met, became friends, and eventually started dating. Andrew tells the story of their carefully-planned engagement as well. They introduce their 7-month-old baby, Laila, who is present during...

Hattie Polk and Anna Isabel Arroyo

Hattie Polk (56) has a conversation with her friend Ana Isabel Arroyo (50) about how empowered they became after joining the educational program the Odyssey Project, and how they became engaged with other cultures and experiences during a transitional phase...

Beryl Schottenstein

Beryl Schottenstein (68) reads four of her own short stories.