Tovah Kohl and Helen Wilmot

Tovah Kohl (36) shares with her colleague, Helen Wilmot [no age given], how her cultural background influences her identity and the importance she places on preserving her family's story for future generations.

Ranjit Steiner and Meb Steiner

Ranjit Steiner (32) talks with his mother, Meb Steiner (63), about the range of emotions he experienced as a teenager with cancer and how cancer impacted his high school experience. They reflect on the importance of having support from family...

Larisa Vaserman and Gillian [No Name Given]

Larisa Vaserman (59) talks with her friend Gillian [No Name Given] [no age given] about the highs and lows of seeking medical care and living with a disability. Larisa also shares what it means for her to create art and...

Deanna Beyer and Carlie Arbaugh

Carlie Arbaugh (32) talks with her conversation partner Deanna Beyer (37) about her experience as a general surgery resident living with a rare diagnosis that has caused hearing impairment. Carlie shares how her personal experience undergoing has influenced the way...

Vivek Chotai and Maia Evrigenis

Maia Evrigenis (28) talks with her friend Vivek Chotai (20) about how their leukemia diagnoses impacted various stages of their lives. Maia was diagnosed at the age of thirteen and Vivek was diagnosed at the age of seventeen.

Oliver Pelayo and Alexander Liguori

Colleagues in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at OHSU, Oliver Pelayo (50) and Alexander Liguori (30) sit down to discuss family, ambitions, and their perspectives on success.

Andy Paulson, Leeah Schilling, and Sebastian Ostrovsky

Andy Paulson (51), Leeah Schilling (31) and Sebastian Ostrovsky (31), nursing colleagues on the Cardiovascular Intermediate Care Unit at OHSU, reflect on nursing, and what they appreciate most about working together.

Julie Gunderson and Stephanie Chamberlain

Julie Gunderson [no age given] talks with her Stanford Health Care colleague Stephanie Chamberlain [no age given] about spreading joy during the holidays through the annual toy drive supporting local families in need.

Jennifer Everett and Deborah Klein

Jennifer Everett (44) speaks with her physician, Deborah Klein (62) about her immense gratitude for their trusting relationship and compassionate care Dr. Klein provided and what impact it has had on Jennifer's life.