Path to Success

What contributes to forming your definition of success and what ways can you personally achieve it?

“It wasn’t easy” – Growing up in New York

My grandfather talks about the changes he experienced and how difficult life was growing up in New York with nothing. He discusses his relationship with his brother and some stories from schooling in Cuba. How he managed to overcome immense...

Business interview with Mr. Bhushan Kulkarni

Tanisha Khare conducted an interview about the life of Mr. Bhushan Kulkarni, mainly focusing on him as a businessman. He talks about how he became successful as a businessman and about the businesses he currently owns. He shares the struggles...

My aunt Maritza and me

We talk about my tias life and her troubles she had and then about her parents her are my grandparents then I talked about her and how I admire her and what’s she’s done for me and others so far

Grandparents as Parents
November 25, 2017 App Interview

I, Amelie interviewed my mother, the founder of Grandparents As Parents and came to find out the inspiration for starting her non-profit organization. This organization has helped thousands of grandparents reunite with their grandchildren and has shown them how to...