Talking to dad about everything under the sun (edited)

I was super happy that I got to spend time with my dad and talk to him.

Edited Interview with Mom and Dad

Listen and learn about love and relationships

Edited Story Corps Interview

3 minute interview of my mother and I

An interview with my grandma about skin cancer.

My grandma, Janie Cook’s, battle with cancer.

Life Lessons- edited and shortened

This is my shortened version of my full length interview with Nicole.

interview with eli penny

helped me talk to eli and learn his aspect on things

My mum and her thoughts about the difference culturally
December 7, 2018 App Interview

My mum from the Philippines is talking about how people in America communicate differently than people in the Philippines.

Interview with my father

Me asking questions about him growing up

Mom’s 2nd pregnancy

I asked her about when she was pregnant with me and how I was as a baby

My Grandpa

This is an interview I did with my grandpa about his life.


Asking my 14 year old sister questions.

What goes on in her little brain

In this interview, I interviewed my six year old sister. In the interview, i get this everyday. With her its always an adventure.

Interview with Eli penny

I asked him about his future and how and what he wanted to do after he got his education

20 Minutes of Giggles

I interviewed my 7 year old sister on several different topics.

Memories with my neighbor

Talking with my neighbor is days back in school

Talking to dad about everything under the sun

I interviewed my dad about everything I could think of. Someday this interview is going to be priceless and I’m so happy I decided to take my time and do this with him.