English StoryCorps Interview Project

Jean searching for her mother after 50 years of a cold case closed adoption.

From Haiti to Orange County: An Adoption Story

Kristen Howerton interviews her son Kembe about the experience of surviving the Haiti earthquake and immigrating to the US at age 3.

Grandpa’s Adopted Story

Talked about how my grandpa was adopted.


Sister discusses in a deep interview her thoughts/views on adoption

Truths In Our Stories

On May 20th, 2019 Emma Law interviews her mother, Dawn law, in Superior Colorado asking about her life experiences from the late 1900s into the 2000s. Dawn describes growing up in a mostly white neighborhood in Canandaigua, New York. She...

Opening Up About Adoption

My mother talks about her adoption experience and what it was like coming to America from South Korea in the 1970’s. We also talk about the difference between the two cultures both then and now.

The truth about the foster care system from a disability standpoint

In and out of the foster care system her whole life Shay defeats the odds or beats the odds. In fact her goal is to make a difference from a disability standpoint in the foster care system

Conversations with my Grandma

This interview is between my grandma and I. We discussed everything from her adopted son to her cancer diagnosis.

An Interview With My Sister part 1

We talk about our shared experiences growing up, adopting our brother, going to high school, and college. Please excuse the ending, where the app glitches.


Mom and I talking about the past and the future.

StoryCorps Adoption

This is a StoryCorps assignment focused on obstacles to adoption. Other focuses include biological , adoptive relationships, as well as how she affects the adoption after it’s done.

My Grandma’s Proudest Moment
February 28, 2019 App Interview

She told about her trip to Cambodia and helping her cousin adopt a baby.

How Adoption Changed Our Lives

Interview about how the process of adoption and advice about adoption