Photo interview

Interviewing about the things that make my interviewee him

Interview with Baliey Jackson

We talked about baliey’s home life and her relationship with her boyfriend. We also talked about our friendship together.

Andy’s interview

My boyfriend Andy did a little interview with me.

Kristin’s Relationship

I interviewed my sister about her relationship with her boyfriend of five years.

Nick and Me

I had a chance to sit down and talk a little in depth with my boyfriend.

When your boyfriend is horrible at being interviewed

So, My boyfriend michael who is about to be my ex after the interview, only speaks well during an interview if its about himself or football:)

lindsay’s interview

today i aske my boyfriend questions

Carson & Taylor

Carson and I have been together for about a year and 8 months now. This is my first interview, and thought I’d have a fun conversation with my boyfriend.

The Great Listen

Ms. Green and I had a good conversation about life, parents, work and experiences. She shared multiple memories, including “ding dong ditching my neighbor and getting caught” for fun when little. She had a wonderful life, except for her driving...

Our Struggle

How my eating disorder, anxiety, and depression has affected us

Getting to know more

We talked about childhood memories and lessons learned, also relationship goals, likes and dislikes and improvements


Someone close to my heart

My Boyfriend

A short interview about my boyfriend’s past.

Pecca (Payton & Becca) Pals

Listen to Payton and Becca discuss the complexities of live, friendship and love. Story is supplemented with lots of laughs and joy.

Interviewing my boyfriend

Getting to know my boyfriend a little more